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Customer service at Donley Ford of Shelby was fantastic!
Brenda B. - Plymouth, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

Everyone at Donley Ford of Shelby was great!
Jeffrey F. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   F-150

I would recommend Donley Ford of Shelby!
Philip Z. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Sales at Donley Ford of Shelby was awesome. My sales consultant knew what I wanted and got me setup!
Reed C. - Shelby, OH 2003  Ford   F-150

Nice working with all the people involved at Donley Ford of Shelby!
Terry R. - Shelby, OH 2010  Mercury   Milan

Chris McKinney at Donley Ford of Shelby went out of his way to help us find the vehicle we wanted. Matt Weiss was very good at explaining all the details!
Marlene M. - Shelby, OH 2011  Ford   Edge

Service was great and price of add-ons were good, as well.
Kyle S. - Norwalk, OH 2012  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

This is my second car from Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby. It has been great working with him. He is awesome! Mark Molten has been awesome, also!!
Pamela S. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Dan Reese and Mark Molten went above and beyond to help us get into a new car, today! Very satisfied.
Angela Y. - Shelby, OH 2009  Chrysler   Town & Country

Matt Weiss was exceptionally patient, professional, and helpful!
Chris H. - Norwalk, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Have worked with Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby before. Did a great job and is very helpful. Will work with him again!
John C. - Crestline, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Dan Reese was very friendly, courteous, and professional!
Bart H. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Our salesperson at Donley Ford of Shelby, Dan, was awesome!
Resi J. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

Very friendly - helped find what we wanted, well explained!
Donald L. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Edge

Really friendly and nice sales staff at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Ethan N. - Galion, OH 2009  Jeep   Wrangler

Matt Weiss was a very helpful salesman. Everyone was nice and helpful!
Cayla M. - Ashland, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

I have been more than satisfied with Donley Auto Group for the past 5 years.
Gary R. - Bellville, OH 2011  Ford   Escape

Jim Hartzler made it easy to buy our new Explorer.
Angela H. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Explorer

I was very pleased with the service I received at Donley Ford of Shelby. I would recommend anyone to come here! Dan Reese and Mark Molton were awesome!
Barbara C. - Ashland, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Jim Hartzler at Donley Ford of Shelby is great!!!
Thomas M. - Bellville, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Donley Ford of Shelby was very easy to work with.
Dawn C. - Shelby, OH 2001  Ford   Escape

This is one completely satisfied customer in all aspects of this sale!
Tina B. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

The service was great! All the guys were professional, great pleasant people to deal with.
Raymond K. - Bellevue, OH 2013  Toyota   RAV4

Staff is great and helpful!
Tim K . - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

Donley Ford of Shelby brought a car over from Ashland without hesitation for me and was there within an hour! Left with me a few hours later!
Nicole J. - Willard, OH 2005  Dodge   Durango

Dan Reese is a good salesperson to deal with!
Sharyn R. - Lexington, OH 2011  Ford   Edge

Jim Hartzler is a fantastic salesperson! Thank you!
Jessica S. - Mansfield, OH 2010  Ford   Fusion

Dan Reese did a great job!!
Dave P. - Shelby, OH 2009  Chevrolet   Cobalt

The sales staff at Donley Ford of Shelby stayed late 2 days in a row to get our purchase done! Very friendly and helpful.
Terri S. - Mansfield, OH 2010  Ford   Fusion

Dan Reese at Donley Ford of Shelby is always very prompt in getting back with me and understands I don't have a lot of free time. I would come back to buy again!
Tim W. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   Focus ST

Great service at Donley Ford of Shelby!
Frank B. - Shiloh, OH 2005  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss was very helpful in explaining vehicle availability and discussing our options when comparing new versus used!
Tom K. - Ontario, OH 2013  Ford   F-250

Jim Hartzler at Donley Ford of Shelby was great!!
Jennifer S. - Mansfield, OH 2008  Ford   F-250

Everything went smoothly - NO pressure! Willing to deal with me!!
Bill B. - Sandusky, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

The assistance at Donley Ford of Shelby was great! 3rd car bought from Matt Weiss!
Aaron P. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

Nicest dealership with great service!
Roger L. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

The service was outstanding! Jim is a fine, honest salesman.
Edward F. - Shelby, OH 2006  Dodge   Ram 1500

Dan Reese is a very good guy to work with. Very nice man who helped out a lot!
Shirley A. - Shelby, OH 2007  Ford   Freestyle

The salesman was very nice! Quick, easy, and nice purchase.
Rebecca W. - Willard, OH 2008  Ford   Escape

I would recommend Aaron Sponsler at Donley Ford of Shelby to anyone!
Randy H. - Perrysville, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss and Mark Molton were great to work with. Way out-paced the competition!
Robert M. - Willard, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Jim Hartzler at Donley Ford of Shelby was not pushy or rude - made it simple! Thank you, Jim!
Kasey M. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

I believe we were shown honesty at Donley Ford of Shelby!
Rosa S. - Willard, OH 2007  Ford   Five Hundred

Dan and Mark are great!! They helped make things easy!
Deborah C. - Ashland, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

The guys at Donley Ford of Shelby worked very hard to put us into a vehicle! They were friendly and courteous.
Amy M. - Mansfield, OH 2006  Kia   Sedona

Jim was a great salesman at Donley Ford of Shelby - no pressure and very friendly. Mark was very informative of the lease agreement.
Chad W. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Sales person was great and helpful all the way through.
Arthur S. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss is easy to deal with and makes vehicle buying easy, at the same time, making it hard to say no to the sale! Would deal with him next time we decide to buy!
Tana M. - New Washington, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

Joe Glass was an awesome salesman!!
Thomas C. - Mansfield, OH 2003  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

Dan Reese at Donley Ford of Shelby was highly professional, helpful, and not "pushy!" Allowed us time to think!! We will refer him to all family and friends.
Ronald D. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss was very soft-spoken, not pushy! Had everything explained well from the General Sales Manager.
Mary Ann R. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Edge

Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby is very easy to deal with.
Eric F. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

The staff at Donley Ford of Shelby ALL did a fine job!
Ty M. - Ashland, OH 2005  Ford   F-150

Dan at Donley Ford in Shelby was very good to work with.
Gary L. - Shelby, OH 2006  Saturn   VUE

Mark at Donley Ford of Shelby was great! Very nice and professional.
Keisha B. - Mansfield, OH 2007  Ford   Edge

The people at Donley Ford of Shelby are nice to deal with. I would buy from them again.
Michael S. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

Joe Glass and Mark Molton are two very efficient young men who are pleasant and respectful!
Diane B. - Ontario, OH 2011  Chrysler   200

It is always a pleasure to work with Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Frederick S. - Mansfield, OH 2004  Ford   Ranger

Dan Reese and Mark Molton, in Finance, at Donley Ford of Shelby were very friendly and helpful.
Kim F. - Lexington, OH 2005  Ford   Ranger

Very pleased with my step-daughter's purchasing experience. Dan and Mark at Donley Ford of Shelby were a pleasure to work with.
Kevin C. - Ashland, OH 2007  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500 Classic

Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby was very personable and helpful.
Philip L. - Mansfield, OH 2006  Ford   Taurus

I was very pleased with everyone at Donley Ford.
James K. - Crestline, OH 2013  Ford   F-250

Jim Hartzler at Donley Ford of Shelby was wonderful. He made this easy.
Christina S. - Ontario, OH 2008  Honda   CR-V

Donley Ford of Shelby gave us excellent service.
George M. - Crestline, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

Donley Ford of Shelby was really great to work with!
Thomas F. - Westerville, OH 2008  Ford   Expedition EL

Donley Ford of Shelby was friendly and very helpful.
Diana B. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Fiesta

Jim Hartzler and the dealership were very helpful and friendly in the purchasing process of our new vehicle. I would recommend Donley Ford of Shelby when purchasing a vehicle.
Tony H. - North Ridgeville, OH 2013  Ford   F-350

Very informative and friendly staff at Donley Ford of Shelby
Mary Ann T. - Galion, OH 2011  Ford   Escape

Matt Weiss was willing to help us in anyway. He had the car brought to us from Galion to test drive.
John G. - Shelby, OH 2007  Pontiac   G5

Joe Glass is a cool guy! Low pressure sales.
Lou Ann M. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Dan Reese is the man with the plan when someone needs a vehicle.
Kevin K. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Taurus

Matt was great to work with! He got me photos on request and his explanation of the vehicle was extremely accurate with the explanation of repairs from the mechanic.
Alistair G. - Chesaning, MI 2008  Ford   F-250

Joe and Mark at Donley Ford of Shelby were very helpful to us on our purchase!
Craig R. - Nova, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

Dan Reese has sold us many cars over the past 6 years. He is very professional and goes out of his way to help.
Steven D. - Mansfield, OH 2011  Ford   Edge

Always easy to work with!! Very helpful in getting an affordable payment!
Kristen E. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Explorer

Very professional and courteous staff at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Michael U. - Shelby, OH 2002  Ford   Taurus

I had three cars that I needed to get down to one! They helped me out and had a very nice low mileage car for me to take in on trade. Matt Weiss is a very friendly guy.
Tuesday C. - Plymouth, OH 2007  Ford   Fusion

Jim Hartzler was low pressure and easy to do business with.
Ryan C. - Port Clinton, OH 2003  Ford   F-250

Dan Reese has been very good to work with!
Barbara R. - Plymouth, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Joe Glass at Donley Ford helped me out a lot!
Scott A. - Shelby, OH 2004  Saturn   VUE

The service was excellent! Joe Glass did everything possible to help meet what I was looking for.
David H. - Lexington, OH 2003  Ford   Explorer

This was the third vehicle I've bought from Donley Ford of Shelby. Aaron Sponsler was once again very helpful in helping me through the process. Driving all the way from West Virginia to purchase a ve
Gregory I. - Mount Nebo, WV 2013  Ford   Fusion

Joe Glass is a very pleasant and persistent sales person!
Rosanna K. - Tiro, OH 2011  Ford   Fusion

Very friendly and easy to work with. Really didn't intend to buy today but everything worked out great!
John D. - Polk, OH 2003  GMC   Sierra 1500

Donley Ford of Shelby is very helpful and got me what I wanted!!
Shauronna S. - Mansfield, OH 2010  Chevrolet   Equinox

I stopped in at 8:25am to see if the vehicle was on the lot, was greeted by Jim Hartzler, who was the first one there in the morning. They got the vehicle to me from another lot within hours for me to
Andrew W. - Shelby, OH 2009  LINCOLN   Navigator

Treated very well from all concerned at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Joseph T. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

Great and honest customer service at Donley Ford of Shelby!
Bryan C. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Expedition EL

Donley Ford of Shelby treated me very nice - no pressure sales.
Darrell B. - Mt. Vernon, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

I know other people that have come to buy cars at Donley Auto Group and they had great experiences here. Mark Molton was very helpful with everything we needed help with.
Alyssa S. - Fredericktown, OH 2011  Nissan   Altima

We drove one hour to Donley because of their great price! Matt and Mark were nice to work with and it was a fast and easy process.
Zach B. - Galena, OH 2007  GMC   Yukon

Customer service here is exceptional. I will buy from Donley Ford again in the future. Mark Molton did a great job taking care of everything!
Jody C. - Shelby, OH 2004  Ford   F-150

Friendly and easy to work with. Second car purchased from Donley Auto Group! I always walk away happy.
Robert F. - Galion, OH 2007  Chrysler   Sebring

Dan Reese is very cordial and knowledgeable! Easy to deal with.
Gary K. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Edge

Everyone at Donley Ford of Shelby was so nice and helped us very much. We will return again!
Kristyn H. - New London, OH 2002  Chrysler   Voyager

Everyone at Donley Ford of Shelby was outstanding and very professional during my car buying experience. I will definitely recommend this dealership to family and friends!
Paul D. - Willard, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby was a great person to deal with. He does everything he can to help you get what you need. Highly recommend Matt.
Michael M. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   Escape

I appreciated the professionalism and friendliness of both Mark and Matt. Both gentlemen were awesome and I am a life customer at Donley Ford!
Helen B. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Explorer

Very friendly, helpful, and informative staff at Donley Ford of Shelby!
Susan R. - Bellville, OH 2010  Chevrolet   Cobalt

Jim Hartzler was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was more than just selling cars to Jim. He invested his time to make our visit worthwhile and very enjoyable. It was a very good experience.
Bethany R. - Lucas, OH 2014  Ford   Explorer

Chris Swain was very pleasant and not pushy on going forward in any way.
William W. - Shelby, OH 2004  Infiniti   G35

Very friendly and patient sales staff. Donley Ford of Shelby worked very hard to find the car I was looking for.
Joyce S. - Mansfield, OH 2012  Chrysler   200

Matt Weiss was patient and wonderful!
Denise B. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Very courteous and patient with a first time buyer.
Michelle M. - Mansfield, OH 2008  Ford   Fusion

Matt Weiss is a phenomenal salesman! He makes saying no nearly impossible. Great job!
Carol H. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Donley Ford of Shelby was very courteous and professional.
Stacy M. - Shreve, OH 2007  Dodge   Nitro

We are well satisfied with the presentation and the way we have been treated. We felt at home and are truly appreciative of the way everything has been handled.
Robert V. - Ashland, OH 2012  LINCOLN   MKZ

Very nice dealership that keeps me coming back.
Gayla Johnson 2013  Ford   F-150

Dealt with Donley before, had a great time dealing with them, so we thought to come back to Donley Ford in Shelby and we again had a good time dealing. Very friendly staff who is willing to work with
Shane & Amber H. - Butler, OH 2010  Ford   Escape

I have had other dealers try to "pull the wool over my eyes." Donley Ford of Shelby's entire staff explained everything, putting me in the vehicle that best suits my needs. I recommend to Donley to fa
Judith H. - Ashland, OH 2013  Ford   Fiesta

Jim Hartzler at Donley Ford of Shelby was very easy to work with.
Rob S. - Sullivan, OH 2005  Dodge   Magnum

Great salesman at Donley Ford of Shelby. I would recommend Matt Weiss to anyone!
Mark D. - Tiro, OH 2013  Ford   Focus

Very nice and helpful dealership! Wanted to buy from local dealer and Donley Ford of Shelby was very willing to work with us.
Hollli C. - Lexington, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Chris Swain at Donley Ford of Shelby was very helpful and made an excellent buying experience!
Eric P. - Shelby, OH 2010  Mercury   Mariner

Dan Reese was exceptional as a sales representative! A true asset to Donley Auto Group, and a pleasure to work with!
Hubert R. - Cuyahoga Falls, OH 2012  Ford   Explorer

Very nice and helpful staff.
Scott A. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

Donley Ford of Shelby has great service and a friendly environment!
Wesley M. - Shelby, OH 2013  Ford   Fusion

Matt Weiss was very responsive and kind. Jim Hartzler also was very helpful covering for Matt on his day off when I picked up the car.
Eugene H. - Galloway, OH 2006  Chrysler   Pacifica

Dan Reese did an excellent job in selling me this truck!
Larry K. - Plymouth, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby always called me back and beat every offer from approximately 17 different dealerships. He is an excellent salesman who works hard for my requests!
Nicholas P. - Portsmouth, OH 2011  Dodge   Challenger

Chirs Swain met us on the lot. Very friendly and courteous salesperson. I was impressed!
Richard S. - Galion, OH 2005  Ford   Escape

Donley Ford of Shelby has great people.
Mohammad M. - Columbus, OH 2006  Ford   F-150

Fast and responsive! Great customer service at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Paul N. - Amherst, OH 2008  Jeep   Wrangler

Joe Glass was quick to assist us as soon as we pulled into the lot.
Joseph P. - New Washington, OH 2003  Ford   F-250

Second time buying from Matt Weiss at Donley Ford of Shelby and he has been great.
Adrienne K. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Fusion

Jim Hartzler, Mark Molton, and Dan Reese along with the rest of the Donley Ford of Shelby staff were very helpful.
Jennifer W. - Mansfield, OH 2014  Ford   Focus

Dan Reese was very courteous and explained all aspects of the deal to me.
Michael B - Fredericktown, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Donley Ford of Shelby is very courteous, helpful, and friendly!
Douglas H. - Crestline, OH 2013  Ford   Flex

The selection was great and Matt worked with me and found me exactly that car I wanted.
Angela K. - Granville, OH 2013  Ford   Explorer

Both Matt and Mark were very helpful and courteous! Would definitely purchase another vehicle here again.
James T. - Wellington, OH 2010  Ford   Escape

Went to other car lots and no one came out so I left. Went to Donley Ford of Shelby and the salesman came out right away and was very helpful!
Mabel S. - Shelby, OH 2011  Ford   Escape

The staff at Donley Ford of Shelby is very friendly and courteous to help me purchase my car from out of state!
Scott P. - Mooresville, NC 2013   Ford   Mustang

Dan helped me out a lot. He is the only one I will go to from now on.
Jacob M. - Shelby, OH 2010  Ford   F-150

I've known Dan Reese for many years and my children have been his customers. Great to work with Donley Ford of Shelby!
John G. - Shelby, OH 2014  Ford   Explorer

We came back because we like Donley Ford's customer service and really like Joe Glass.
Mary M. - Shelby, OH 2008  Chevrolet   Cobalt

Jim Hartzler was extremely helpful and caring!
Carol S. - Wooster, OH 2014  Ford   Escape

Matt is awesome! Good deal!!
Brian H. - Mansfield, OH 2013  Ford   F-150

Dan Reese was very helpful and took the time to explain all details. Mark went above and beyond to help satisfy me.
William C. - Mansfield, OH 2012  Ford   Explorer

Very nice salesman, very helpful!
Tiffany B. - Shelby, OH 2003  Chevrolet   Trailblazer

Matt Weiss was very patient and understanding throughout my first car buying experience. Great customer service!
Erica R. - Mansfield, OH 2011  Ford   Fusion

We bought from Dan before, and he worked real hard to get me the best deal and wasn't pushy.
Carlene B. - Willard, OH 2012  Ford   Explorer

Saw car on the internet at , came over to look and was treated very well.
Dale King 2001  Pontiac   Grand Prix

NOT pushy, let us make up our minds, helpful.
Sharon F. 2006  Chevrolet   Aveo

Chris and Mark were very professional.
Justin H. 2003  Ford   F-250

Friendly, courteous dealership. Would recommend doing business here.
Stephen W. 2000  Chevrolet   Corvette

The staff is very friendly and helpful after searching for so long. It was so refreshing to have a dealership who helped so much.
Amber C. 2006  Jeep   Liberty

They were very helpful!
Shawn M. 2004  Ford   F-150

Donley had the car that I was looking for. Matt was very responsive, as most of the deal was done over the phone. Great personality and very helpful.
Justen D. 2013  Ford   Taurus

I think I was treated fairly and got a great deal. Everyone was very helpful.
Kenneth S. 2014  Ford   Escape

Everyone was very informative and helpful.
Gerry W. 2013  Ford   Escape

Jim did an outstanding job selling us our truck. Listened to what we wanted and made great suggestions.
Bruce H. 2013  Ford   F-150

Very friendly and easy to work with. Really didn't intend to buy today but everything worked out great.
John D. 2003  GMC   Sierra 1500

Very nice salesman.
Daniel K. 2008  Ford   F-150

After talking to several sales people, Jim was the one who was easy to talk to and wanted to deal with. Found what we wanted.
Allan L. 2014  Ford   Explorer

Joe is a friendly, personable, and very special person to deal with.
Diane H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt and Aaron were excellent. Their attention to detail was why I am here and would personally recommend them to others who want a new car.
Kimberly L. 2014  Ford   Explorer , 2013 Ford F-150

Joe has always been honest and straight forward with me and will be back for next vehicle.
Kyle T. 2013  Ford   Fusion

Dan did a great job. He made it very easy to buy this truck.
Dennis A. 2013  Ford   F-150

Great job. Very great to work with them.
Charles O. 2013  Ford   F-150

Friendly people. I would recommend Donley Ford! A good used car place to buy.
Wallace C. 1999  Dodge   Dakotah

Jim is awesome. Always always always friendly. No sales pressure and made us feel like he had our best interests at hand, always.
Cindy P. 2007  Dodge   Ram 1500

Great online experience and a great personal experience after I contacted them.
David S. 2005  Pontiac   Vibe

Dan Reese is an awesome sales person and applied absolutely no pressure for me to purchase. Mark was extremely accommodating! Donley Ford of Shelby is fantastic!
Carol K. 2013  Ford   Focus

Aaron made the process very simple!
Lisa C. 2013  Ford   Fusion Hybrid

Mark and Joe were wonderful. Very respectful and polite.
Randy G. 2009  Ford   Escape

Aaron and Matt have treated me very well. I appreciate them both to make sure I was happy with my purchase!
Billy H. 2006  Ford   F-150

Joe was awesome. Very helpful and reassuring. Mark was great too, very patient and helpful.
Brian R. 2013  Ford   Fusion

I checked other places, but found the model I wanted at Donley Ford of Shelby.
Clyde H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Our sales person was awesome! Very friendly and worked very hard to find us the vehicle we wanted.
Andrew S. 2005  Honda   Pilot

Donley Ford was very flexible with my car preferences and was able to assist me in picking a car.
Caitlin B. 2006  Mercury   Milan

Jim Hartzler searched and found the exact vehicle we were looking for and was very helpful through the entire process.
Laura N. 2013  Ford   Edge

Dan is a nice person to work with. Always helps us out when we need it.
Tamara I. 2013  Ford   Focus

Have really enjoyed our experience with Dan and Mark.
Ralph S. 2013  Ford   Edge

Outstanding salesperson! Absolutely NO issues.
Richard H. 2011  Ford   F-150

Jim was awesome and looked out for what payments I wanted to stay in. Great service from all associates.
Timothy L. 2013  Ford   Focus

Joe Glass is the best salesman out there. Very kind and patient.
Thomas Capra Jr. 2010  Ford   F-150

Dan and Mark were very helpful and worked hard to get us into a Fusion, which we could afford.
Steven V. 2013  Ford   Fusion

Jim was very prompt in returning my calls and answered my questions.
Kimberly A. 2013  Ford   Escape

This car dealership does not pressure, they're very friendly and I will return and send people here!
Deborah L. 2013  Ford   Escape

Dan was great. He was thorough, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
Rhonda R. 2011  Ford   Edge

Jim was very friendly and professional! He made this purchase very easy and explained it all so we both understood!
Tina S. 2010  Ford   Fusion

The sales professionals at Donley Ford of Shelby make buying a vehicle a pleasurable experience.
Mike H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Donley was great in helping me when others wouldn't. If there is anyone considering a vehicle purchase, this is the first place I would send them.
Shaun R. 2013  Ford   Focus

Tried a different place - success here! Joe knows his stuff!!
Larry W. 2014  Ford   Mustang

Jim was very helpful in the car buying process. Jim brought the car to me for my convenience. I am very happy with my service.
Julia C. 2001  Jeep   Grand Cherokee

I would deal with Joe again. Very courteous and professional.
Kenneth M. 2011  Ford   Taurus

Dan, Matt, and Aaron were very patient and helpful and I was pleased with the deal!
Timothy O. 2008  Mercury   Mariner

Jim is an awesome salesman that knows his cars and made us feel comfortable. He also helped set up all of the gadgets on our Escape.
Matthew P. 2013  Ford   Escape

Had a car on hold at Keim Ford and they were too pushy. Wouldn't buy from them ever. Aaron and Matt worked all day and night to find what I was looking for.
Sonya Z. 2013  Ford   Mustang

I am very pleased with the service I received.
Fred R. 2005  GMC   Sierra 1500

Donley Ford made my experience shopping for a new vehicle easy and stress free.
Shane G. 2013  Ford   F-150

Donley Ford helped my husband get into the truck he really wanted when we had trouble everywhere else.
Shawn T. 2006  Dodge   Ram 1500

Jim was very helpful and a kind person.
Kimmy R. 2004  Ford   F-150

Joe has been good to us. We got 2 cars from here and if we were to get another one, we will call here first.
Dalton W. 2004  Chevrolet   Classic

Donley Ford of Shelby was very good!! Dealt with many different Ford dealers, Shelby was the BEST!
Brittany B. 2013  Ford   Fusion

The Finance Manager bent over backwards to help us.
Dino P. 2013  Ford   F-150

This is the first place we looked to buy a car, we bought two cars and were very satisfied. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience.
William S. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee,  2005 Ford F-150  

We have had a good working relationship with Matt and we enjoy dealing with him. We trust him.
Pamela K. 2013  Ford   F-150

Joe and Mark were very helpful. They answered all my questions and more.
Craig R. 2013  Ford   Mustang

Very satisfied with the deal and the email interaction with Matt Weiss.
Trent H. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Jim Hartzler was very easy to work with and I would highly recommend Donley Ford.
Brittany S. 2010  Ford   Fusion

Dan did his job, allowed us to check out the car completely. Dan was easy to deal with.
Mike R. 2000  Jeep   Wrangler

Aaron Sponsler has always taken good care of me from service to sales!
Performance Feed & Seed, Inc. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Everyone was very helpful! Nice to deal with.
Mark W. 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt was great and made us feel very comfortable
Heather G. H. 2013  Ford   Fusion

Matt Weiss was not pushy. He answered all of my questions.
Lisa J. 2013  Ford   Edge

Service was excellent and everyone was very helpful!
Brian C. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Matt Weiss was very helpful, getting us into the car we wanted.
Keith F. 2013  Ford   Explorer

My salesman, Matt, did his best to turn a bad situation into a good one. He was extremely friendly and went above and beyond to get me the best deal possible.
Michelle A. 2008  Ford   F-150

Matt Weiss contacted me promptly. We were able to test the vehicles we wanted and was helpful with financing. I would recommend to anyone looking for a car or truck to Donley.
Thomas H. 2006  Ford   Focus

Extremely friendly and helpful in finding the best deal for me! I would recommend this dealership to anyone.
Amy W. 2008  GMC   Sierra 1500

I saw the truck on the internet, called and came to look at it. Matt is friendly and courteous, will be a returning customer.
Michael D. 2001  Ford   F-150

Dan was very good. My family has known him and has gotten cars from him in the past.
Martha G. 2013  Ford   Edge

Stopped by to lok at a Ford Edge. Joe Glass was very helpful and patient with my indecisiveness. Drove away in a Ford Escape!
Carrie H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Jim helped me decide between new, used, or none. Super job with differences between the vehicles that I was interested in. I will refer to him.
Greg K. 2011  Ford   Edge

Dan and Aaron were friendly, helpful, courteous, and helped us promptly. Thank you!
William W. 2013  Ford   Focus

Donleys' helped us through some unusual circumstances and we are very grateful. We know they went above and beyond to keep us driving quality cars!
Kathleen R. 2013  Ford   Focus

Jim was easy to work with, no pressure.
Andrew M. 2013  Ford   Fusion Hybrid

Joe Glass was very helpful.
Larry M. 2013  Ford   F-150

Matt was very helpful and willing to work with me to get the car I wanted at the price I wanted without pressuring me.
Jill K. 2013  Ford   Escape

Great service - friendly and helpful, and a great deal! I highly recommend.
Karen H. 2008  Dodge   Caliber

Matt Weiss was great to work with for both my son and me. He explained everything well. He was very pleasant.
Marilyn E. 2004  Buick   LeSabre

Matt has been a great contact throughout my previous lease. He is always very dilligent about being able to get ahold of me when necessary.
Erin M. 2011  Ford   Escape

Joe Glass was very informative about the car. He was not demanding but was a very nice person to speak to.
Timothy R. 2013  Ford   Taurus

We've purchased several vehicles from Donley Ford. We're always treated fairly and the service department is great.
Sharon S. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Really nice people to work with, got the job done in a timely manner. Great people.
Chad L. 2013  Ford   Fusion

I always get the feeling that they care having me as a customer. I like going back to the dealership where I bought the car.
James E. Serviced a 2011  Ford   Escape

This dealership is one of the best around. Service people are great.
Janece W. Serviced a 2010  Ford   F-150

Both gentlemen were very informative, knowledgeable, and patient. We appreciate the extra effort involved for our situation.
Kathleen R. 2013  Ford   Focus

We are finally at the point where we do not have to play the "car buying games." They know I am not in there just "fishing" for numbers. They put effort into finding what I wanted, and came back with
Matt Smith, M. Smith Roofing 2013  Ford   F-150

Service was super.
Jeffrey P. Serviced a 2012  Ford   Focus

They worked hard to find the car I was looking for.
Brian C. 2013  Ford   Mustang

Service was great. Good time results to get the job done.
Wally O. Serviced a 2001  Ford   Taurus

My oil change was done in a timely manner.
Tuesday C. Serviced a 2012  Ford   Focus

Joe and Mark both were great and answered all questions.
Jody W. 2012  Honda   CR-V

I would buy from Jim Hartzler again.
Eric A. 2006  Ford   Taurus

Matt Weiss was very nice and I would come back and recommend to all family and friends.
Sherry R. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt Weiss worked around my credit situation and finances perfectly. I couldn't be any happier!
Tesla B. 2013  Ford   Focus

First time I had a good experience in a dealership. I would recommend Donley Auto Group to anyone.
Jeffrey R. 2014  Ford   Mustang

Friendly, courteous, and professional in helping me to obtain a 2010 F-150 truck. Thank you Matt.
Michael R. 2010  Ford   F-150

Everyone I came in contact with was very courteous and professional.
Todd H. 2007  Honda   Accord

Matt was wonderful!!
Angie L. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt Weiss was very helpful and professional.
Barry B. 2006  Ford   E-150

Jim Hartzler is really helpful. He always bends over backwards to help us. Really nice guy.
Jamie M. 2013  Ford   Focus

Good people, not pushy. They take the time to explain everything.
Tamara I. 2013  Ford   Fusion

I have every confidence in Jim Hartzler. He is knowledgeable and honest.
Connie H. 2008  Volkswagen   Jetta

Joe Glass does a nice job!!
Gregory H. 2013  Ford   F-150

On the cold winter Saturday, Dan was the first to meet - greet me as I was looking at the vehicle. Never pressured me. Great to work with.
Julie D. 2010  Jeep   Wrangler

Dan Reese has taken real good care of us everytime we come in. Always greets us when we come in and spends a few minutes talking to us.
Michael S. 2013  Ford   Escape

Very comfortable with Matt Weiss. Straight up, not pushy. Second time buying a car from him.
Kathy C. 2013  Ford   Escape

Everyone was very helpful and courteous. Not pushy at all and I would definitely come again.
Jill M. 2007  Ford   Edge

Dan Reese is a fabulous salesman. He has twice found me a great car and is incredibly personable.
Rochelle V. 2008  Dodge   Avenger

Dan Reese and Mark Molton were great! Thank you so much! We will recommend you to anyone we know looking for a vehicle!
Stephanie B. 2007  Ford   Explorer

Good guy to work with and will be back down the road.
John T. 2013  Ford   Explorer

My father sent me here to do business and I'm glad I came. Service was good and helped me out with purchase.
Ashley S. 2007  Ford   Edge

Helpful and friendly, Thanks!
Stewart H. 2007  Ford   F-150

I appreciate the time Mark and Dan work to help me find a car that would work in my budget and their honesty! It means a lot to me!
Mimaco G. 2006  Cadillac   CTS

Very helpful with obtaining the vehicle of my choice. Low pressure environment, everyone is friendly.
Eric G. 2013  Ford   F-150

I have purchased and owned many Fords over the years. Donley Ford has been the best experience EVER in not only sales but service and parts too. Thanks!!!
Michael H. 2013  Ford   F-150

Everyone worked for me to make my purchase possible. Very friendly, and very helpful! Jim was great and talked me through everything!
Coty C. 2004  Audi   A4

Everyone was very nice. They took time to explain and go over all of my questions. Even brought a car for me to test drive at my work.
Angela A. 2008  Saturn   Aura

In phone conversations with Matt Weiss, he came across as someone you could share a beverage with, not a typical car salesman.
Douglas C. 2006  Ford   Five Hundred

I like dealing with Donley Ford of Shelby and Dan Reese. He quickly located the exact car I was looking for an went out of his way to keep my business.
Timothy W. 2013  Ford   Focus ST

The salesman came out to greet us! He was the only one out of all the car [shops] I went to.
Robert F. II 2010  Chevrolet   Cobalt

Saw the car on website, checked with Gary Goetz by Facebook if it was still available. He cam in on his day off to show the car to me.
Tammy T. 2006  Nissan   Altima

Salesman was good in finding us a nice truck.
John M. 2010  Ford   F-150

Jim Hartzler was wonderful. Made me feel very comfortable. Esy to talk to. Awesome staff!!!
Kimberly V. 2013  Ford   Escape

Firm handshake, eye contact, rate is a 10 for Matt Weiss
Robert C. 2003  Ford   Taurus

Jim was great and explained the truck in detail. Great to deal with.
Paul D. 2012  Ford   F-150

Donley Ford is great, friendly people.
Amy R. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt Weiss was extremely helpful and met our needs.
Jennifer C. 2008  Ford   Fusion

Staff was courteous and friendly, my salesman, Jim Hartzler, was prompt and answered all of my questions. Very knowledgeable. I would recommend him for your future purchases.
Daniel L. 2013  Ford   F-150

Hassle free experience, no pressure sales.
Carol W. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Very satisfied with our used auto.
Arthur F. 2004  Mercury   Grand Marquis

Dan Reese was an excellent salesman. He wasn't pushy with us throughout the process and made us feel comfortable about our purchase.
Kelsie M. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Jim Hartzler was courteous, helpful and knew his vehicle. Approached us as we came in the door. Not much pressure, but wanted out business.
Vikki E. 2013  Ford   Edge

Dan Reese was great to work with. Appreciated his help!
Jacob P. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Joe Glass... is a great salesperson! Merry Christmas, Joe!
Donna E. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Great guy, worked with us until we found the vehicle that we wanted. No pressure.
Roger L. 2012  Ford   F-150

I have NEVER had a more pleasant experience buying a new car till coming to Donley. Incredible company.
Jeff T. 2011  Ford   Focus

I had a wonderful experience at Donley Ford. Matt Weiss did a great job helping me get the car I wanted at an affordable price and he was very patient. I would recommend Donley Ford and Matt Weiss to
Jenny K. 2013  Ford   Focus

We really like Dan Reese!! Mark was also an awesome businessman!
Diana W. 2013  Ford   Escape

I've known Dan Reese for years. Hope he doesn't let me down on this truck!! Best trade-in value for my Jeep!
Matthew B. 2007  Chevrolet   Silverado 2500HD

We love Donley! It's our 3rd car from you. Matt Weiss was very helpful. Thank you!
Ray C. 2008  Saturn   OUTLOOK

Have looked all over and couldn't find what we were looking for. Just happened to drive through Donley Ford of Shelby and they had what we wanted on their lot.
Kimberly D. 2013  Ford   F-350

Treated VERY well!
Marvin S. 2013  Ford   F-150

I went to a few other dealers and was turned down. Donley Ford got me in a vehicle and had great customer service. Dan and Jim were awesome! They went the distance for me.
Kimberly S. 2013  Ford   Edge

Very happy!
Richard W. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Matt Weiss was very good and provided info that I needed. He was also not pushy, which is appreciated.
Richard K. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Gertie and I bought my 2011 Ford Fiesta to drive! They've been giving me excellent service, I bought the extended warranty and I drive worry free!
Sarah Gentry 2011  Ford   Fiesta

Jim Hartzler did a good job!
Matthew C. 2000  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

Dan Reese is an excellent salesman and not pushy. Caring Person
Scott J. 2013  Ford   Fusion

Great Customer Service
Rachel K. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Very nice, kind, and open about the car. Would recommend Dan Reese to others.
Loretta M. 2003  Ford   Taurus

I've been a customer with Ford my whole life and this dealership location since about 1976. Joe Glass was extremely helpful and professional with us. This is our 2nd buying experience with Joe and it
David H. 2012  Ford   F-150

Great crew. Aaron worked the best deal possible and Mark was very helpful with the financial issues.
David W. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt Weiss is by far the most knowledgable, friendly sales person I've dealt with. Listened to what I needed and provided me with several options.
Michelle A. 2006  Ford   Escape

They didn't pressure me.
Jedidiah S. 2010  Ford   Fusion

I had a very pleasant and knowledgable salesman.
Billie A. 2013  Ford   Fusion

When we went to purchase a new vehicle we had Joe Galss help us. We would highly recommend him to everyone. Excellent service.
April F. 2011  Ford   Fusion

Salesman, Matt Weiss, was great to work with. He wasn't pushy, he found just what I was looking for. Donley Ford of Shelby gave me a great deal.
Kathy G. 2013  Ford   Edge

Dan Reese is wonderful to work with when buying a vehicle. I have bought two vehicles from Donley. This will be my third.
Steven S. 2012  Ford   F-150

Stopped in and met Joe Glass. Immediately he went to work trying to satisfy my needs. Very, very helpful! Thanks very much to Joe Glass and Mark Molton!
Stephen C. 2003  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

Respectful, good people skills, Knowledgable.
Afo J. 2013  Ford   Explorer

We have always dealt with Joe Glass at Donley and would highly recommend him.
Christopher C. 2013  Ford   Escape

The salesman was good enough the first time for me to come back again.
Cliffton H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Dan Reese was great, wonderful to work with and I appreciate his help.
Cory L. 2007  Ford   Explorer

Jim was very helpful!
Brittany A. 2013  Ford   Fiesta

Joe Glass is great. Very helpful.
Gayla J. 2012  Ford   Fusion

I had a very personable, pleasant salesman! Very happy with his service.
Cassandra L. 2008  Chevrolet   Malibu Hybrid

He was courteous and helped me out a lot. Very professional.
Roger L. 2013  Ford   Focus

Jim Hartzler was great. Very helpful and courteous.
Justin K. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Joe Glass was great in helping me get financed for a car. The whole staff that was involved with the sales was great.
Angela L. 2007  Ford   Focus

Very nice people, helpful and answered all of my questions.
Joey B. 2004  Chevrolet   Impala

We are never turned down here. Joe is a good salesman.
Erlean D. 2009  Ford   Focus

We liked how easy and FAST we could buy our car. Jim was great at explaining everything and getting everything we wanted. Jim also worked with our crazy schedules.
Shawn Y. 2013  Ford   Escape

I have known Dan for years and this is my second car purchased from him.
Edward M. 2013  Ford   Escape

Matt was very helpful in finding me a car.
Laurie M. 2007  Ford   Explorer

Tim was very helpful and courteous and patient. He was here to help us longer than he had to be here.
Dave B. 2009  Ford   Edge

Jim is very personable and not "pushy." He is knowledgable about his product.
Glade H. 2013  Ford   Edge

We were looking at buying a car here shortly. Went online and Matt contacted me by phone. He was very courteous when I told him I was busy for a few days. Did not get harrassed like most dealers do. C
Athena G. 2013  Ford   Escape

Jim is a knowledgable sales guy that was honest and fair and made us feel comfortable.
Matthew P. 2012  Ford   F-150

Joe Glass was great. Friendly and helpful.
John A. 2012  Ford   F-150

Matt did a great job and was very patient with us.
William B. 2013  Ford   Focus

Treated me well.
Andrew W. 2012  Ford   F-150

Matt was helpful, courteous, informative. Everyone here is friendly and helpful, professional.
Peggy L. 2013  Ford   Escape

Friend recommended me to Dan. Exceptional service.
Jack B. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Matt took his time, listened to my wants and found me a car that works for what we need!!
Crystal W. 2011  Ford   Fusion

Matt is a great salesman. I like dealing with Matt.
Michael M. 2012  Ford   F-150

It is my first time buying a new car. Matt Weiss made the buying process easy.
Amy O. 2012  Ford   Focus

Dan was very nice and helped us out with our needs and concerns and always kept us and our budget in mind to get us the car we wanted!
Chad H. 2002  Chevrolet   Trailblazer

Matt was great to work with.
MedCentral Health Systems 2011  Ford   E-250

Dan was very pleasant and helpful.
Jessica T. 2013  Ford   Edge

Matt was great. I told him what I wanted and he made it happen. Very Patient.
Chester D. 2013  Ford   Escape

Tim was very patient, it was a different experience. It was what car buying should be. Thanks Tim! We weren't sure, but left with a vehicle.
Jolene K. 2012  Ford   Focus

I want to stay local and I know Dan Reese.
Thomas I. 2010  Ford   Escape

Everyone was very pleasant and patient as this was a big decision. I appreciate the professionalism.
Valerie D. 2012  Ford   Focus

The salesman was great!! He completely helped me on all questions and answered them well.
Carl P. 2001  Chevrolet   S-10

Dan was very helpful. Mark is a great guy.
Lynnette H. 2013  Ford   Escape

We really appreciate Joe Glass and would recommend Donley and Joe to anyone.
Barbara B. 2012  Ford   Focus

Matt was friendly and helpful, answered all of my questions. Donley gave my wife a good deal in the past.
Joe M. 2003  Ford   Ranger XLT

Matt was very helpful and explained things to me in detail. I was very happy with my experience.
Kay H. 2013  Ford   Escape

Dan was very friendly and courteous, and answered all my questions.
Larry B. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Dan & Mark are good people. Thats why I return here for my vehicles.
Matt S. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Matt was friendly and helpful. Repeat Customer.
Kyle S. 2012  Ford   Focus

Dan Reese was very friendly and the sale of my vehicle was very smooth. I would recommend Donley Ford.
Cathy R. 2007  Lincoln   MKX

Clean up is what sold this car!
Thomas & Rosalie M. 2012  Ford   E-150 XLT

I would recommend Donley Ford to anybody and to see Tim Barnett.
Susanna E. 2009  Ford   Escape

Very nice people, easy to work with.
Alison M. 1999  Ford   Expedition

Matt did a fine job getting the product I was looking for. He remembered our previous call and history of 4-5 months prior.
Timothy M. 2012  Ford   F-150

I would recommend Donley Ford of Shelby. They were very nice. They listened to what I was wanting to buy. Matt was very helpful in getting my new SUV!
Sherry M. 2013  Ford   Escape

Jim was very helpful and provided us with the information we asked. He helped us locate another car at a different dealership, which I ended up buying.
Nicole B. 2008  Ford   Mustang

Got right back to me!
Franz N. 2011  Ford   F-150

They were very helpful, service was great, they really worked with us on the price and package.
Katie O. 2005  Toyota   Camry

Good work, good salesman, nice person. Keep up the good work.
Harry O. 2000  Chevrolet   Blazer

I really appreciate Dans help-Thank you. I am a retired a GM employee.
James B. 2012  Ford   F-150

Joe was very good to talk to. Everyone at Ford was nice to deal with.
Barbara Z. 2008  Ford   Focus

I have been to MANY dealerships over the past year and none have come close to bringing me the payment and exemplary service that Jim Hartzler and Donley Ford has given me. Thank you!
Brian G. 2011  Ford   F-150

I have been looking around for a few months. I did not feel pressured, they did not try to sugar coat anything. Very honest. Made me confident to buy.
Jeromy K. 2005  Hyundai   Tiburon

Matt was very helpful. Great to work with.
Daniel G. 1996  Ford   F-150

Aaron was very professional and fair. Great experience! Mark was very knowledgable and helpful with the service options.
Tamula D. 2012  Ford   F-150

Dan Reese has been a family friend for a lot of years. We trust Dan and came to Donley because of Dan.
Dave W. 2003  Pontiac   Vibe

Very friendly service.
David H. 2012  Ford   Escape

Dan Reese and Mark are great! Very helpful!
Terri N. 2008  Ford   Fusion

The guys were very nice and treated us fairly.
Dorothy A. 2006  Chevrolet   Colorado

They are very friendly, helpful, answered questions.
Joy T. 2012  Ford   Flex

Matt & Aaron were very helpful. Thanks for all your help!! You make buying easy!
John P. 2011  Ford   F-350

Dan has been a long time friend but knows we will buy the car of our choice. He seems to give us a quality product at a fair cost.
Lea C. 2012  Fusion   Ford

Personable, friendly service. We enjoyed the experience. Loved the email communcation. Made it Simple
Mark E. 2013  Escape   Ford

Mark Molton and Tim Barnett have been wonderful. i can't say enough good things about both of them But thanks so much!
Helen M. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Dan Reese was very patient with us and was very down to earth and helpful.
Rebecca N. 2013  Ford   Explorer

Jim always works for me and I will continue to buy cars from him.
William J. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Third car we bought here. Very good salesperson, dealership treated me well.
Anthony L. Jr. 2013  Ford   Mustang

Matt Weiss did a great job working around my work schedule. Very helpful.
Cody A. 2013  Ford   Edge

Our daughter dealt with Tim Barnett and recommended him to us. We were pleased with his presentation and professionalism.
Tamera M. 2012  Ford   Focus

This has been a pleasant experience.
Jill Y. 2013  Ford   Escape

Jim Hartzler was super helpful in getting me into a new car!
Colton P. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Very professional. We recommend Donley Ford.
Richard R. 2012  Ford   Focus

Excellent customer service!
Michael S. 2012  Ford   Focus

Gary Goetz and Mark Molton did a fine job.
Shakely Mechanical Inc. 2012  Ford   F-150

Good job Matt.
William G. 2003  Ford   Ranger

Courteous, helpful.
Nathan M. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Jim was fantastic-found what I wanted.
Christine B. 2012  Ford   Fusion

Matt Weiss and Mark Molton worked with me, even though I have bad credit, to get me a car I can afford.
Jonna B. 2008  Hyundai   Elantra

Both Dan Reese and Mark Molton treated us extremely professional. Both are a credit to Donley Ford.
Alva B. 2013  Ford   Escape

Very helpful andkind. Answered all of my questions and got everything I asked for.
Amber M. 2008  Kia   Sedona

Very good customer service. Did all he could to help me get an affordable deal.
Devon L. 2010   Ford   F-150

Needed something fast. Very streamlined procedure. Dan Reese was great
Steve B. 2006  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

Personality means so much. Joe qualifies also he is not pushy. P.S. He likes to play cards! Aaron and Mar are also Great!
Edward W. 2012   Ford   Fusion

Good Salesman
Larry E. 2012  Ford   F-150

Very nice and courteous people. Thanks.
Joyce W. 2007  Dodge   Caliber

Matt was very professional with us and patient!
Randy R. 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

Dan Reese is a testament to his craft. He's friendly, kind, and respectful to his customers. I like Dan. I would definitely buy another car from Dan!
Scott H. 1999  Cadillac   Seville

Jim was very attentive to my needs. Listened to what I was asking for. Did several searches to help answer questions.
Rodney D. 2012  Ford   Mustang

Aaron is a super brother-in-law. Has taken care of us plenty of times. He just sold us a Super Duty F-250 I love. Donley Ford is lucky to have Aaron on their team. His staff was very friendly and help
Gregory I. 2007  Lincoln Truck   MKX

I know Tim from highschool. He was great, very helpful not pushey. Best sales guy we had talked to from every dealership we went to.
Joel H. 2009  Ford Truck   Explorer

Dan was a very nice salesperson- no pressure- gave us time to decide.
Sondra G. 2010  Ford Truck   Escape

Very good sales person.
James H. 2002  Dodge Truck   Dakota

Dan was great!
Kyle F. 2012  Ford   Focus

Matt was great, worked for me to make this deal.
Keith C. 2008  Jeep   Grand Cherokee

They, Matt and Mark, were patient with me, they definetly worked with me and my budget.
Carole J. 2006  Chrysler   Town & Country LWB

Excellent Customer Service.
Joshua B. 2013  Ford   Taurus

Joe was non-pushy, kind, easy to work with.
Karen S. 2012  Ford   Focus

Joe was easy going and didn't pressure me. He offered me a solution I had not considered. Thanks Joe!
Brian W. 2012  Ford   Focus

Tim was very good to work with and made the transaction easy.
Eugene L. 2007  Lexus   ES 350

Timothy did a really good job at finding me a car in just the few moments I gave him.
Paula B. 2008  Ford Truck   Escape

Jim and Mark were awesome and answered all my questions. Jim was very friendly and made the time go by quickly.
Leah P. 2013  Ford Truck   Explorer

Joe and Mark were friendly and easy to communicate our needs too- Thank you!
Joe R. 2004  Ford Truck   Super Duty F250

I bought a new truck 9 months ago that Dan Reese helped me get. The truck was great but didnt serve my newest needs so Dan helped me get one that would. I am very pleased with the personal help they g
Daniel P. 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Staff was informative without the usual "car salesman" reputation. Tried to give what we wanted and needed. Very satisfied with presentation given by Tim and Mark.
Don E. 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

I easily had all my questions answered and felt no pressure from Matt Weiss at Donley.
H. Camille Wright 2003  Dodge Truck   Ram 2500

We looked other places and here at Donley Ford they were willing to work with us and go the extra mile.
Abby E. 2005  Ford Truck   Explorer

Always a pleasure dealing with the Sponsler family.
Robert D. 2007  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Everyone is very nice, friendly and helpful.
Shelly P. 2008  Ford Truck   Edge

Suggested lots of options- very helpful.
Theresa H. 2008  Ford Truck   Escape

Helpful and did a lot reach an agreement.
Chris Fuller 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Tim was very helpful without being pushey. Donley is a very quality organization.
Scott Kleman 2012  Ford   Fusion

Tim was very helpful helping in our decision!! :) Thanks alot!
Jason Day 2011  Ford   Focus

Matt Weiss and Mark Molton have been wonderful and very thorough.
Lakiesha Boone 2011  Dodge   Nitro

Jim was very nice and made me feel comfortable.
Jamie Malone 2007  Jeep   Liberty

Wonderful!! :) Great Help!! :)
Brittney Reed 2012  Ford   Fusion

I looked at a lot of cars and Tim gave me the best offer, was great to work with, and didn't pressure me at all.
Erin Diebler 2012  Ford   Focus

Dan was very helpful and patient with us.
John Barrett 2012  Ford   Edge

Sales people was very friendly and accommodating to meeting our needs.
Holly Krzeminski 2011  Ford   Mustang

Very good service was awesome to work with.
Shannon Gledhill 2004  Ford Truck   F-150

Dan seemed to be willing to accommodate beyond the call of duty to help. He was very professional in all dealings.
Paul Agee 2006  Dodge Truck   Dakota

I would recommend anyone to Donley Ford. Great bunch of guys, good people.
Brian James 2012  Ford   Edge

Matt and I talked on website and also on the phone helped a lot. Very professional, nice guy.
Donald Adams 2013  Ford Truck   Explorer

This is the second truck purchased through Matt Weiss, he is a very good man and a wonderful sales person.
John Garberick 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Dan was helpful and not pushy.
Mark Weithman 2005  Chevrolet Truck   Colorado

Matt was a great help and salesman.
Michael Moore 2012  Ford   Escape XLT 4x4

Entire experience was great. Everyone was a big help!
Tim Mendenhall 2012  Ford Truck   Edge

Very helpful and pleasant to work with.
Lennah Thompson 2004  Jeep   Liberty

Dan Reese is an incredible guy, honest and trustworthy.
Brandon Martinez 2005  Dodge   Stratus SDN

Excellent service- salesperson and finance director.
Janet Karper 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

Very professional and good personality.
Raymond Loch 2012  Ford   Fusion

I like dealing with Dan. Worked with my schedule.
Ronald Luttrell 2012  Ford Truck   Super Duty F-350 SRW

Very Helpful.
Brittany Smith 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

Talked with other "companies" and came back to Matt. He had an honest appeal and was helpful and not pushy.
Laura Burrer 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

People were nice and friendly salesperson very courteous, helpful and friendly.
John Clagg 2005  Dodge Truck   Dakota

Awesome people to work with!! A+++
Trent Heckman 2003  Pontiac   Grand Am

Joe was very courteous, and answered all my questions. Definitely would refer or return and request Joe in the future.
Crystal Boudinot 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Love everybody here, thats why I keep coming back.
Melba Hamilton 2012  Ford   Fusion

Dan was very helpful and friendly took great care of me.
William Burdge 2002  Dodge Truck   Dakota

Great job not pushy.
Adam Davis 2010  Mercury   Milan

Great service, personable yet professional. I would come back.
Jeffrey Cook 1995  Dodge Truck   Ram 1500

Really nice and helpful.
Gary Blankenship 2012  Ford   Focus

I was impressed by knowledge of all features. Explained all features thoroughly.
Karen Takett 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

I recommend Jim Hartzler as a professional- user friendly sales person- Mark also handled the paperwork very professionally.
James Broaddus Sr. 2009  Ford   Taurus

Very good to deal with- third car so far and will keep coming back.
Paul Boggs 2012  Ford   Mustang

Matt Weiss was great he got me what I wanted at the cost I wanted to pay.
Rudy Ferger 2002  Chevrolet Truck   Silverado 1500

From the first phone call everyone was friendly and showed that they cared about the customer. Matt was great.
Albert Lloyd 2007  Ford Truck   F-150

Matt went out of his way to help us and beyond the call of duty.
Kenneth Payne 2007  Ford Truck   Explorer

Stopped by to look at truck on lot, prompt service and test drive. Offer on car was great and trade-in. This is the second time I have dealt with Matt.
David Harrison 2007  Chevrolet Truck   Avalanche

No pressure, very patient.
Justin Funk 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

Took good care of me, thank you!
Susan Cassidy 2002  Jeep   Liberty

Very courteous and knowledgeable- no pressure. Great service.
Jeffrey Pindel 2012  Ford   Focus

Aaron is the best. He always listens and meets my wants/needs. Thank you!
Dorene Johnson 2012  Ford Truck   Edge

We were trated very well.
Rodney Sand 2011  Ford   Ranger 4x4

The first dealership I came to Mark Molton and Dan Reese were very professional in helping me make my decision.
Timothy Adamescu 2012  Ford Truck   Escape

Fantastic Customer Service.
Alisha Osbun 2002  Chevrolet Truck   Avalanche

Both Mark and Dan were very helpful.
Alvis Wellman 2012  Ford Truck   F-150 Series

They were very helpful.
Nicole Mills 2004  Mercury   Mountaineer

Great guy, very helpful!
Phillip Buzzard 2005  Chrysler   PT Cruiser
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It’s a lot to wrap your head around but at Donley Ford of Shelby we do our best to make the car buying experience an easy one. We’re the kind of Shelby, OH car dealer that helps you decide exactly what you’re looking for. We won’t ever make a sale that our customers will end up being unhappy with. We’re proud to be the type of Shelby, OH Ford, Mansfield, OH Ford, Norwalk, OH Ford dealer that strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

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We’re the Shelby, OH car dealership that caters for a whole variety of clientele. We understand that all of our clients have different financial situations and have done our best to ensure that our cars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and that their price tags vary as well. We not only have an amazing selection of brand new cars but have also acquired an impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles that are just as fantastic.

Because our customers are so important to us, we’ll also take the time to find you some great financing options if you need them. At some point in our lives we all need a little financial boost, and at Donley Ford of Shelby we do our best to find a reasonable loan that enables you to purchase the car you’ve always dreamed of.

Our range of services includes:

New Ford Sales

Used Car Sales

Car Loans and Auto Financing

Certified Ford Auto service department

Full selection of Ford auto parts and after-market accessories

If you would like to get in touch with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by one of our locations for a visit.

Servicing Your Vehicles

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If you would like to get in touch with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by for a visit. We have also set up several quick links to help you filter our website. Just click on any of the search sections to easily navigate our Shelby, OH Dealer Website.

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